Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back to the loom

A new cotton towel warp is on the loom and underway.  This one contrasts--as is usually the case--with the one for the just-finished towels.  It is light with a ground of natural, creamy white and borders of medium orange edged with blue violet.  Within this frame there are narrow stripes of light colors within single warp ends of a gray/white marl.  I am enjoying weaving these.

Meanwhile, our anomolous weather continues.  In the last week we have had several days with high temperatures in the mid 90s (Farenheit), one day in the high 70s.  It is very dry and sometimes windy which fosters wild fires.  There are two burning in the state right now although some years they begin as early as July which makes this year luckier than most...but tell that to the families whose homes burned to the ground on Sunday!

I am still working on posting photos.  I seem to get closer by tiny increments.

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