Friday, November 12, 2010

Underway at last

The radio grill cloth is underway at last.  It's puzzling to me that it took so long to wind, beam, thread and sley this warp.  Granted, it is long and there are close to 40 ends per inch, still it seems to me that it ought not to have taken many days. 

I had trouble with  sleying the reed.  There were errors that I had to find and correct and often they were close to the middle of the width of the warp so that I had to re-sley most of it.  It was disappointing when I created another error as I worked to correct one.  I wonder if the cataracts that are developing have something do do with that.  At any rate, this is what it looks like on the loom:
The gold color looks a little pale here but I am using a energy-saving light bulb that tends to wash out the color when used at night, particularly yellows through orange.  The light color here is a vibrant gold.  I am weaving the cloth wrong side up.  The gold is dominant on the other (right) side.

The weaving is going well although it will take a long time to weave it all.  The weft is 20/2 black cotton so there are lots of picks per inch.

Meanwhile, the snow we were to have had on Tuesday did not materialize.  It has been cold and the days are getting shorter.  Daylight Saving Time ended last Sunday which was a relief.  Now the sun comes up at a reasonable hour so that it isn't dark at seven in the morning.  I don't mind going onto Daylight Saving Time in the spring but now that it has been extended into November, it feels excessive.

The leaves are falling from my big, old cottonwood tree.  It's the oldest tree (nearly 152 years) in the Salt Lake Valley and very big.  I have had it trimmed so that its big branches don't extend as far but it still drops leaves over almost two months.  It began in late October and won't finish until the first or second week in December.  I can completely clear all the leaves and when I wake up in the morning it looks as though no one has ever raked them up.  The good thing is that the ones I have gathered won't have to be raked and gathered again.  Tomorrow I have a lot of leaves to clear and put into my yard waste can.  They may not all fit.

There is no lack of things to do!

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Laura Fry said...

Sorry to hear that you are developing cataracts. Hope you can have the surgery so that you can see clearly, again.