Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting there!

I feel as though I am coming to the home stretch with this everlasting warp.  The roll of cloth is bigger than it was:
Don't you agree that the roll is bigger?  (Please say yes...)

Technically, I have woven almost enough to fulfill the order but there is warp left.  I wrote the company to ask whether they want the exact amount or as much as I can weave on this warp.  (It goes against my weaverly heart to cut off the warp and just abandon it.)  They want all I can weave so what I can weave from this point on is, as my father would have said, all gravy.

Then I need to weave a silk scarf, finish it, wrap it up and deliver it.  That usually isn't part of a commission but this was commissioned by a friend who lives elsewhere and I am sure there wouldn't be time to ship it to her so she could ship it back to Salt Lake City again.  I will photograph it for her--and for you--and send little lengths of the silk I use to her, although not to you.  Sorry. 

I am not out of the woods yet, therefore.  No Christmas cards this year.  I bought a fresh tree but can't really think about putting it up and decorating it until all this weaving is finished.  It proabably isn't such a bad thing because Bob is a young guy and full of beans.  A year old cat and a decorated Christmas tree?  That sounds like the start of a funny story of holiday disasters, doesn't it?

Back to the loom.....

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Laura Fry said...

Definitely looking much larger! :D