Thursday, January 20, 2011

Somewhat frustrating

I have a warp all threaded, sleyed and tied onto the loom.  It is ready to go but do you think I have even thrown one of the ready shuttles?  No.

So, what HAVE I been doing?  A lot but no weaving.  Drat.

I have been working for more than two full days on proposals for a conference in September in Taos.  If you have ever been to Taos in September you know it is the perfect time to be there.  The huge, old cottonwoods that line the approach (from the Santa Fe direction) are dressed in golden leaves and the air smells of the spicy scent they have that time of year when you are not smelling pinon pine smoke.  One of the loveliest views in New Mexico to me is the one you get as you top the rise that gives you the first view of the Taos Valley.  I haven't been there in some years now so perhaps things have changed but I hope not!

I have also spent time in a clinic getting a problem with my big toe on my right foot seen to.  It isn't entirely clear what is going on but that is the foot that does the lifting with the AVL that sits all dressed up but not yet partying.  I generally try to avoid antibiotics but am taking one now.  Gratefully.

So what could I photograph?  Papers?  No.   A bandaged toe?   NO!

Keep your fingers crossed.  I am getting antsy about getting to that warp.

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