Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The new scarf warp

The new scarf warp is underway.  The center is plain weave but the selvedges are actually tubes.  I think you can see that in this photo:
The warp you see to the right is the deep blue you saw here a few days ago and the weft is the blue violet color which makes the tubular selvedge (to the left) stand out and modifies the blue in the warp so that they look nice together

 We have had strong winds all day.  They blew over tractor trailer rigs on the highway just west of town and toppled trees in that area, too.  In the heart of the city, where I live, it simply blew away anything not attached but as far as I know did no damage at my house.  The storm that was blowing in arrived about an hour ago (close to 7 PM) with lightning and thunder and snow blowing in the wind.  The warmth we enjoyed yesterday is gone and winter is back with a vengeance. 

I grew up in central California where winter was foggy, sometimes rainy, and summer was rainless and very, very hot.  There wouldn't be much change for weeks at a time so that the jokes and cartoons about planning a picnic and having it rain didn't make sense to me because that just never happened.  Now I live where the weather comes to us from Alberta, from Seattle, from San Francisco and from the gulf of California.  Each point of origin brings something different and things often change very rapidly.  I really love the drama of our weather; it's my favorite part of the local news, in fact.

As long as the power stays on, I will weave this evening and see how far I can get.  What you couldn't see in the photo above (it has advanced out of sight) is the fact that the leading edge of the scarf was woven in a double-faced twill so that there is a pretty solid band of the violet at the edge.  It is my intention to make a very small rolled edge so that the scarves (there will be two) are bordered with violet all the way around.  These will be the fourth and fifth scarves this year without fringes.

Once more  I am grateful for a roof that doesn't leak and for the furnace (just over a year old) that keeps my house warm.  Being warm and dry when it is blowing and snowing outside feels very luxurious to me!

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Laura said...

I love the colors - the tubular edge is really cool, too.

Growing up in San Diego had weather much like central CA - fog most of the winter into early summer, hot summers and beautiful autumns. I got out as soon as I could!

After a stint in Reno, I now live in Oregon, where I get a lot of rain - 2 3/4 inches in 36 hours, most recently. I love the defined seasons, but about now get really tired of the mud in the pastures!!