Sunday, March 11, 2012

Home again!

It is always a joy to come home again, even if I have had a wonderful time while I was away.  I suppose that simply means I live in the right place for me.  I was in Portland, Oregon from the middle of last week until late last night presenting programs (day meeting and evening meeting) and a two day workshop on weave structures for the Portland Weavers Guild.

It was a joy to see folks I know from past years there and then there was the surprise of several weavers whom I met in other places (Hi, Linda, Carol and Judy).  It was a great class and I enjoyed every member of it.

Sad to say, the cough that had followed me for two weeks resumed on Tuesday so I missed my exercise class, choosing to lie low to conseerve energy for the trip the next day.   Good thing I did.

Today is my first day back and I've been to buy groceries and to see if there is anything that will boost my immune system.  I am rarely ill, so the last three weeks have been very discouraging.

I noticed last weekend that some of the very early bulbs I plant had come up and are blooming.  Today they weren't too far gone to photograph.  Here are the yellow winter aconites and the green and white of the snow drops.  I plant them because they bring encouragement at this time of year!
This little flower is only about one inch (2.5 cm) across.  The petals in the right light are so shiny that they appear to be enameled.
The snow drops are so tiny that I have included my fingertip to give a sense of scale.  They are such a bright white that they almost seem to be a light source.
Let's hear it for the signs of spring to come.  My weather woman says we will have snow a week from today....

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judes said...

Hi from Portland, Oregon, where we have wind and rain today - so it is nice to hear that you are home, on the mend, and maybe even having (!) sunshine! Despite today's rainy weather, I was inspired by you to check out what's out there in our yard...a few Varied Thrush in the shrubs (pretty soon to return to the mountains) but also camelias in bloom and lots of Pieris, and, wonderfully, a handful of nearly hidden woodland orchids and lilies are coming up. It is from them that I will follow your guidance, draw inspiration, and weave something later this spring. Thank you!!! Judy