Thursday, October 20, 2011

At last!

I last wrote here the day after I got home from the re-hab facility.  Getting to sleep in my own sweet, little bed again was almost more than I could bear!  I worked hard at all the exercises I had been given doing each to the utmost of my ability and then pushing even harder.

Big mistake!

I crashed a week later in pain and learned that pushing that hard was actually counter productive.  I ought to have been able to figure it out myself, but always the achiever, I hadn't.  Now I am still doing the work but not pushing so hard and things are going better.

In fact, I began weaving this afternoon.  I had measured out a warp of natural 20/1 linen and beamed it before I left for knee replacement.  I finished threading it, sleyed the warp and got it all ready to weave where it has rested for several days.  Today was the day and here is what the first complete repeat (and the hem) looks like:
It feels good to be weaving again.  (What an understatement!)  I could tell that my knee/leg was getting tired and having learned my lesson about going the extra two or three miles, I decided to stop and ice it.

The structure is a two block twill (1/3 vs 3/1) which is the same structure that I used last fall.  The profile draft for this version is different from what I wove then.

My knee still hurts and I suppose I ought not to be surprised by that.  I look forward to the time when it hurts no longer and am certain that the time will come.

It's good to be back!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Home again!

The deed is done.  I have a brand new, prosthetic knee joint in my right leg.  I am not going to post a photo of the incision (You're welcome!) even though the nurses at the re-hab facility and the visiting nurse who came to my home today say it's beautiful.  That's nurse talk for no draining, no redness, no swelling (other than the expected) and no signs of infection.

My knee still hurts, albeit in a different way from before the surgery.  And, after all, how could it not considering what has been done?  (Google it.)

All the preparation I did has really paid off.  I made space for a walker--which I am no longer using--got grab bars, a shower stool, etc. and I exercised to be strong going in so that I would be strong coming out.  I learned a lot through this process including how compassionate the nurses aides I encountered both in the hospital and in re-hab are.  I was deeply touched by their kindness.  (Here's to Alicia and Rosa and Jenire.) 

It turned cold and wet just before I got home and had I not spent four hours with home health people today (the RN and the Occupational Therapist who says I don't need her and won't be back) I was planning to take a walk on the sidewalk along my street.  But by the time everyone had come and gone I was pretty tired.

I expect a full recovery and much sooner than anyone--other than me!--expected. 

In short, all is well.