Friday, December 21, 2012

It's nearly Christmas....where has the time gone?

I have been weaving (of course!).  After a series of cotton sock top loopers and some using strips of worsted fabric from Pendleton I wove grill cloth for old jukeboxes.  This cloth is for the 1080c:

The warp is cotton and the weft, a very narrow, flat silver ribbon.  The metallic is about 1/16"  (~2 mm.) wide.  I need to keep it flat and weave it in flat which takes careful handling.

I am sill--for well over a year now--spending Wednesday afternoons at Emeritus, a skilled nursing facility downtown in Salt Lake City.  I miss a day only when ill or teaching.  I mostly listen to the residents, try to discover something that will interest each one of them that I can find out about or bring in.  Sometimes it is a piece of music, or a book to read to those whose eyes don't permit reading anymore.  Mostly I am just there for them.  Anyone who has ever volunteered for a worthwhile cause knows how rewarding such work can be.

I have plenty of work o to, which I consider a blessing.  May all of you be blessed now and in the coming year.

See, I don't think the world is ending tonight!