Saturday, July 2, 2011

Eleventh of twelve....

After a long, wet, cool spring we have leaped into summer with temperatures in the high 90s.  Considering that it is now July (already!) it is appropriate, I suppose, but it makes me want to stay inside and weave, so that is what I have been doing.

The warp of new towels is progressing nicely.  Here is a photo of towel number eleven (of twelve):

I am using three of the five colors from inside the blue-violet borders  as weft in this towel.  As usual, I start the warp by weaving the towels more or less as they were threaded and after I have finished all of those then I start weaving variations.  This is one of those variations.

Do you see how cheery it is?  I am enjoying them but once they are finished I have to spend full time getting ready to leave town.  I am presenting a workshop at the Mid-Atlantic Fiber Association Conference (MAFA) next weekend.  I have, of course, been doing preparations for some time but I need to pack everything so that I will be ready to leave very, very early Thursday morning.


Amanda Cutler said...

Beautiful colors and pattern!!! Love it!

Sharon said...

Glad you like it!