Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Progress on the new warp

This is what you would see on my loom if you were here this evening:
What appears to be a light flare toward the center is actually the colors of the threads that weave that part of the piece.  I am very pleased with how it is going.

I will need to stop working on it because my right knee (I am using a Macomber which is heavy lifting) hurts a lot tonight.  I saw the doctor this morning planning to get the injection that will relieve the pain and provide the lubrication within the joint.  Today is one week short of the six months required by my insurance so I have to wait.  At least I know that relief is coming, if not mine tonight.  So I am going to take a non-steroidal pain reliever and go to bed.  Knee replacement is in my future but I am not in a hurry to do that.

After I saw my doctor I took several pieces in to begin the framing process.  They always look better framed than unframed--or else why do it?--and I look forward to seeing how they turn out.  I will need to sew the pieces to their mats and sign the mats before they are finished.


Laura Fry said...

Sorry you're having pain but glad you only have to wait a week for relief! And I understand completely about not wanting to wade into knee replacement surgery. :(


Laura said...

I had both knees replaced last August. I urge you not to wait - life without pain was not something I could even fathom before I did it. Ok, so it hurts after for a bit, but I'm now 10 months out, and there's no pain... at all.

The cloth is beautiful - the psuedo-light flare is awesome!

Sharon said...

Thanks for the sympathetic comments. Knee replacement is definitely coming and it is reassuring to hear that yours (second Laura) has been such a success.

I expect to feel better on June 8th when I can get the injection! (My doctor is gone next week, alas)