Friday, May 6, 2011

Working hard

I have been working hard since I last posted here.  To thread ~1800 threads (color order accurately threaded) took some time. although it didn't pose any problems.  A strong light source helps a lot.  Sleying seems to be my downfall with these warps recently--the cataracts get worse--and I started weaving before discovering two places where the sett wasn't 4 per dent but 8 per dent.  Re-sleying created new errors.  Fortunately I don't get either angry or highly frustrated when that happens,  just keep working.  Finally, I had everything right.

This is actually the second piece on this warp.  I have been keeping my head down and just working and working.  The first one has the colors more mixed up in the weft direction.  The weft order in this piece moves from the bluest through the reddest to the rusty colors of the warp.  It isn't finished yet so I may change directions in the final third.

I like the mix of colors and particularly the richness.

I have selected, provisionally, the colors for the next pieces which will be smaller (narrower) than this series.  Unless I change my mind, the next set will be based on colors in the Marble Canyon portion along the Colorado River.  I was fortunate to take a rafting trip down the river starting at Lee's Ferry and going through the Marble Canyon and the Grand Canyon in 2005.  I think of it often.

Back to the loom!

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Amanda Cutler said...

Amazing piece of work. It's very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!