Saturday, September 3, 2011

Laboring on Labor Day weekend

The naturally pigmented cotton cloth is finished, washed and ironed:

I have a favorite, loose-fitting summer top that I will use as a pattern to make a top from this cloth.  I have a sun hat the same color so I should look pretty spiffy.

I have chosen the colors and measured out the warp for the next set of towels.  I have beamed the warp (enough for 13 of them) and threaded more than half the warp.  It's a bit over 20 inches wide ( ~50 cm).  I always look forward to threading my loom because I can sit inside it on a stool that is just the right size (another Jim Hokett creation), listen to a recording of a book (Laura Lippman at the moment) and thread away.  To be honest, I am always a little bit sorry when I get to the end, although then I get to draw the threads through the reed, tie them on and get started making there are compensations!

Here is where things are:

What you can't see in this photo are the orange borders of the rose/coral stripes and the blue violet bordered with gray/white marl in the turquoise borders.  You'll see those details later.

I like them already.

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