Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I voted, did you?

I voted today.  I spent extra time with the information booklet so I would understand for sure what the propositions would do if passed and read through all the infomation on the judges whom we either confirm or say no to.  (I made a cheat sheet to take with me, just to be sure I did it as I had decided.)

I had a friend once who was complaining about something the government was doing and I stopped him by saying, "Rick are you registered to vote?"  "Well, no....(here followed a long excuse)"  "I don't want to hear any more complaints from you until you are registered and vote.  No votee, no bitchee!"  (Forgive the language.)

Having said all that I am not listening to the radio or watching TV tonight;  I can read about it in the morning paper and spare myself the "color commentary" when nothing is really happening.  And, if it doesn't go the way I hoped--and voted--I can complain!

The warping of the radio grill cloth is almost finished.  I have some warp sections still on the drums but will deal with them in the morning when I am fresher.  I can hardly wait to start threading.

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