Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moving along

When you weave the same thing all day, every day, the days seem to slip past almost without notice.  Granted, I do laundry, prepare and eat my meals, rake and gather leaves and go to my exercise class,  bathe and sleep, but other than that all I do is weave the grill cloth for antique Philco radios, early and late.

I am finally starting to rack up yardage but am still far less than halfway through the warp.  Considering that it is 46 yards long and grows at the rate of about 48 picks per inch, it's a lot of shuttle throwing.  I am so grateful for my library's supply of unabridged recorded books!  I'd be bonkers without them, I think.
This is the cloth from the side (wrong side up) and the next photo shows the cloth (right side up) as it goes to the cloth storage beam.  If you look closely you can see a little shadow that shows that the woven cloth goes around that beam far more
than once.  The cloth is relatively thin, so you see several layers there.  (Thank goodness!)

Perhaps my computer will be more cooperative later so check back to see the photo I have tried and tried to insert here.  I need to get back to the loom!

As you can see, completely re-booting my computer has made it possible to get this photo.  Now, back to the loom....

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