Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More of the same, sort of

I am still weaving the grill cloth.  Does this look familiar?

No, it isn't the same photo from a few days past.  On about Thanksgiving Day I realized that there was one dent that had been double-sleyed (actually 4 ends) that didn't particularly show up from the wrong side that I see as I weave.  But, from the other side is is too apparent for my taste.  Arghh!  I blame the cataracts....

So I cut off what I had woven (37 feet) and worked on correcting the flaw.  What you see here is the new cloth since I cut off the first part.  I am only about 25 feet in right now but I have conferred with the company in Arizona and with their approval shipped the first piece to them today. 

Other than weave this cloth, not much else is going on.  Except, the extracurricular activity now is shovelling snow instead of raking and gathering up leaves.  I have done it four times since I last wrote here.  It has been very cold so the snow is light and easy to shovel even when it is a foot deep as it was on Sunday afternoon.  After continuing to snow there was another ten inches at my house the next morning.  The skiers are ecstatic.

Tonight we are to have more but it has warmed up a bit so it may turn to rain down here on the valley floor by tomorrow morning.  Snow Monday, Wednesday and more is due this weekend.: it's beginning to look a lot like winter.

I did a flock of errands (six stops in all) on Saturday so that cat food and weaver food have been laid in and I can work and work without having to bother to go out.  Tonight's dinner was turkey soup using the broth from boiling the stripped bones of the turkey plus the drippings from the roasting pan.  With the addition of fingerling potatoes, most of the dark meat from the turkey and halved brussels sprouts it is tasty.  Good thing, too, because I will be eating it for a while!

So life goes on and I am beginning to feel like the pink bunny in the battery advertisement.  Going on and on and on.

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Laura Fry said...

Ah yes, the neverending warp! Sounds like you are making good progress, in spite of the snow shovelling. :)