Monday, January 10, 2011

Almost ready to go

Today I sorted through all the fabric samples I would like to take with me to the workshop and then winnowed that stack down to what fits my carry on case and then put them in so that the first one I need is on top and so on down to the bottom of the case.  I still have two days so if I think of something that I would like to add, there is still time.

I worked on getting some references to things I have written on tracking in washed cloth to Ann Richards in England who will be publishing a book on fabrics that collapse when washed.  She wanted photos of a large project that was part of an article on tracking I wrote for Handwoven magazine in 1985 (Sept./Oct.).  The photo in the magazine didn't show detail which is what she needs for her book.  The cataracts make digital photography tricky:  I can't really tell from the ~1.5" x2.5" screen on the camera how clear the image is, so I have to transfer the image to the computer, fiddle withh it and enlarge it.  If it isn't right, I need to go back and try again.  And again.

I think I have what Ann needs so it is packaged up and ready for the postman tomorrow.

I am hoping that I will be able to devote some time to threading tomorrow after I decide what I will wear in Wisconsin, and going and coming. I've been warned it will be cold.  Tonight it will get down to 5 degrees (-18 Celsius) so I have what I will need.

 I will exercise for two hours late in the afternoon  tomorrow as usual but will miss the session on Thursday which is all the more reason to go.

Now it is past time for bed, but all in all, I am feeling on top of things!

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