Friday, January 7, 2011

Back again

Happy new year.  It's a bit late but I have been working.  The new silk scarf is off the loom and finished.  I am happy with how it turned out.
I've been organizing and spending time cleaning, too, but today beamed a warp with these yarns:
Both are 2/36 worsted wool, very nice, and rather subtle colors.  On the left is a silvery gray and on the right a color the label calls celadon, to my eye it is a slightly grayed light yellow green.  (I think of celadon as having more blue in it but that's just splitting hairs:  it is what it is.)  I have measured out three yards eight inches of warp, 10.5 inches wide.  I am planning to make a scarf that is a single layer in most places with the colors mixed, but with squares of double weave scattered along its length.  Sometimes the the square on the surface will be gray (green on the back) and sometimes the reverse.  Each square will also be the reverse color the next time it shows up.

Because the yarns are so fine, the hand of the scarf, how it feels in the hand and drapes, ought to be quite lovely.  The yarns aren't at all fuzzy (good worsted!) and will be finished to have a smooth, crisp surface on both sides.

All I have to do now is thread 500+ threads and draw them through the reed so that I can get started weaving.  Tomorrow I need to go somewhere and have errands besides so I don't expect to get a lot done then.

I am going to teach in Appleton, Wisconsin on Thursday (1/13).  I will present the workshop "Designing:  From Your Idea to the Fabric in Your Hands" for two days Friday and Saturday.  This workshop doesn't require any preparation by the participants--although a lot of preparation for me.  There is room in the workshop for more people so if you know anyone in that area who would like to come, please get in touch and I can refer you to the workshop chair!  I bring as many pieces of cloth as will fit inside the maximum sized carry-on and need to get them sorted out and in order before Wednesday.

We have been having fog which traps all the little particles and makes the air thick.  They say that all of it will go tomorrow when a snow storm sweeps in.  There is still snow on the ground (which helps, along with the lake, to create fog) so what falls will stick.  The snow that fell in the Wasatch mountains in December exceeds the normal which is all to the good. 

I am going to begin threading so I can get to weaving this scarf sooner.

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Alison said...

That silk scarf is beautiful!! Inspiring, indeed.