Monday, January 17, 2011

Home again!

It doesn't matter how wonderful a trip is, there is nothing like getting home again!  (If that weren't the case, I would need to figure out another place to live, I suppose.)  But, as it is, every time the flight attendant welcomes the passengers to Salt Lake City, I applaud.  It's part of my coming home ritual and heart-felt.  This time someone else joined in, which surprised me, but felt good because someone else on the flight was glad to get here, too.

And the trip to Appleton, Wisconsin was a very nice one.  I met some wonderful people (hi to all of you!), poured out my heart to them and it was received warmly.  What more could anyone wish for?  It was cold there but no colder than it had been here Monday through Wednesday before I left.  I came home to spring-like weather.  The high this afternoon was in the high 40's which was a far cry from last Monday.  In fact, once it was light today I went outside to see if the snowdrops had started to come up.
As you can see, they have:
The white buds are just barely visible.  I had to clear away the dead leaves that were blanketing them but there they are!  The ever-optimistic earth....

Re-entry means unpacking, washing clothes, ironing, sorting mail, paying bills after the trip to put my pay into the bank, going through e-mails and dealing with them, and returning phone calls.  Today I went to return a book to the library, to Home Depot, PetSmart and Costco, too, so it is hardly a wonder that I didn't get back to the loom today.  Tomorrow.

As you can see, the warp is measured, beamed, threaded and partly sleyed.  Then I will tie it onto the front apron and away we go!

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