Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have been struggling for three days--don't you love computers?!--to be able to post here before I leave town.  I imagine my computer saying "But you didn't say pretty please"....

I am going to California tomorrow to teach for the Black Sheep Weavers Guild near Palo Alto.  This is the workshop I mentioned here on December 10th (Now it can be told).  We will work through the designing process as in Designing: From Your Idea to the Fabric in Your Hands but this time everyone has the same end use in mind.  We will be working on cloth that can be used in Daryl Lancaster's jacket workshop.  In this workshop the participants will work out the design for the cloth they will make and then go home, weave enough for the jacket and then go to her workshop in September.

In the meantime I have continued to weave on the piece about the leaves.  On Saturday a molar let me know that it was dying.  (Yes, dying, and NOT dyeing.)  It kicked and screamed over the weekend and Monday morning I was in my dentist's office where the tooth and its condition were confirmed.  I was referred for an emergency root canal procedure early that afternoon.

I spent the whole day with someone else's hand(s) and tools in my mouth and did nothing much else.  That took away a  day I had planned for other things and now I await the appointment for the crown that will be put on that tooth.  There is nothing like having all that happen to confirm one's mortality! Not to mention flattening one's wallet....

I will be gone through Monday evening (3/21).  After re-entry (laundry, grocery shopping, etc.) I will return to the loom.  I am nearly finished with this warp and have the colors for the next piece almost chosen (some tweaking yet to be done).
This piece is only a  few inches from being completed.  The next photo is of the colors I will use for the next piece, although I need to add some "salt" to the mix.  You will see.

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Laura said...

Needs orangish "salt"!