Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wonderful evening/ colorful morning

Last night I went to hear the Utah Symphony.  The program was mostly Mozart--never a mistake.  The evening opened with the overture to The Magic Flute, always a winner.  Oddly, it seemed the least focused performance of the evening.  Granted, I know it practically note by note, but I still think it wasn't played as well as the rest of the evening's works.  It was fallowed by Hindemith's Mathis der Maler which was well played, a favorite of the guest conductor, Matthias Bamert, I think.

It was the second half of the concert that was so wonderful.  The symphony's principal clarinetist, Ted Calcara was the soloist in the Mozart Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra.  I can't imagine it ever being played better.  Calcara played it exactly, yet lyrically and with heart.  His performance was smooth and absolutely lovely.  The slow movement of this concerto was played in "Out of Africa" and  a personal favorite even before I saw that film many years ago.

The last piece in the concert was Mozart's next to last Symphony, number 40 in G minor.  It was for me a perfect performance:  transparent and beautiful.  From my seat in the second tier I could see that there was no score in front of Bamert.  And, best of all, I could leave savoring the music I had just heard, sort of like recalling the flavors of a very delicious meal, as I left because the bag piper who usually stands in front of the hall was absent.  While he plays the bagpipe well, hearing him when I first emerge and wait for the train banishes the melodies I have running through my head just as a splash of Listerine wipes out a delicious flavor I want to hang onto.

This morning, the pieces from the mainly yellow warp cut off, I gathered the colors for the next piece.  (The grape colors will have to wait for a while.)  I chose colors fairly close in value deliberately and here they are:
mid values

My camera also takes photos in black and white--something I have just learned how to do--and in B&W the colors look like this:

mid values B & W
A couple of the tubes look a bit lighter in this photo because they are still shrink-wrapped in plastic.  You can see the light reflected against the side of the box in the third row down on the left.

On to winding the warp!


Maggie said...

Mozart's clarinet concerto in A is my favorite piece of music in the world! I listen to it as I drive to the airport whenever I fly, so it's the last piece of music I hear, just in case! And I did first hear it in Out of Africa, my favorite movie of all times.

DebbieB said...

What a beautiful box filled with potential!

Laura said...

Interesting to see the values in black and white. I think I'm going to have to start doing that, too!