Friday, April 15, 2011


The workshop is going well.  It is filled to capacity and everyone is working hard.  The study of color theory and putting it into practice is brand new to some participants and not so new to others.  I taught this topic for the same guild in 1988 (as someone who took that class, too, told me today). 

Of course, I bring more to this workshop than I did for the one years ago because I have learned more, woven more examples and had some insights into how to present the material in a way that will connect faster and better.

Last night--today was day 2 of 3--I was tired enough that I headed for the shower at about 8:30 PM.  I hadn't slept well the night before.  Today I had to drive a fair distance after class to pick up my completed tax returns before the business closed for the day.  I am teaching in a town south and west of Salt Lake City and needed to go two towns north of the city where my CPA is.  That is done and I am glad.

There is just one more day of class and then tomorrow evening I have a ticket to the Utah Symphony which will be a wonderful way to cap things off!  I have been working with a number of weavers whom I know pretty well and quite a few who were unknown to me before the workshop whom I would like to continue to know.  I am enjoying these folks very much.

This was just a note--no photos, sorry--to let you know that thing are going well and I am hanging in there.  We had lots of snow yesterday and today was clear and dry and cold (high20s last night) but tomorrow it is projected to be warmer.  Tomorrow is the Salt Lake City Marathon so I will drive north to get south because I need to skirt the race course.  I am lucky because some years it comes right in front of my house which would make my "getting to work" difficult. 

On Sunday I will return to the warp I left waiting for me.

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Laura Fry said...

Sorry to hear you are having sleep problems too - it seems to be going round. :(

Great to hear the workshop is going well.