Friday, April 8, 2011

Let me go on the record....

Let me go on the record;  bookkeeping is not, repeat not, my favorite activity.  And I have done it a lot recently.  To my complete dismay when I went to close out the numbers for 2010 for tax purposes I found that everything was gone!  All into cyber-never-neverland.  The same thing happened a few years ago and the only cure is the same one I used this time:  I assembled all the receipts, statements, check registers, etc. and re-entered a whole year's worth of data.

No, I don't know how it happened or why; I just knew it did. 

But now everything is all done and in the hands of my CPA.  (So sorry, Margaret to be so late getting all of it to you!)  I am very relieved.

The bill for my auto insurance arrived and to my surprise is higher than last year.  There have been no incidents and my car is a year older so I was puzzled and called to understand what was going on.  Well, their expenses have gone up so mine do, too.  The man on the phone at The Hartford checked to see if I had all the possible discounts.  If I take a driver safety course (in person or on line at there is a $69 discount this year and for two years after that.  The class takes about eight hours in all and is very good.  It emphasizes that as we grow older things change and there are more possibility for "crashes".  It's a sobering course and I am pretty sure that I am better for having taken it.

Meanwhile we have had snow, rain, snow, rain, rain, snow and it will continue through tomorrow.  More rain, although not so cold, is predicted for early next week as well.  It is getting a little harder to remain sanguine about such drippy, cold weather but I am managing.

With two laborious things out of the way (the bookkeeping and the auto safety course) I have returned to the loom.  Hallelujah!

Here is the beginning of the second piece on the warp:

It's a little less obvious and because of that more interesting to me.

Oh, by the way, Lola, wants me to post the following picture.  She likes to bat at things that hang down, too, and thinks you ought to know that.  She is, in fact, very proud of her ability to catch dangling things and particularly the "birds on a string" toy (consisting of a cluster of feathers that hang from a cord attached to a plastic stick).

Neither Bob nor Lola is very big.  The place where they are curled together is really only big enough for what I consider a "regular" sized cat.  But they fit very nicely.  What you can't see is the baseboard heater directly below and behind this cozy nest.

If there is ever any question about where the warmest place in the house is, just look for the cat!

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