Monday, February 20, 2012

Towels and the new project

The towels are woven and completely finished:
I was thinking of spring when I chose the colors, focusing first on that tender yellow green that appears first before the leaves on my cottonwood tree are fully mature.  Now that they are woven and finished they do make me think of spring.

I jumped right in to the next project as soon as the box of yarn arrived from JaggerSpun.  I was commissioned to weave a tartan by a man in Pleasant Grove, Utah who designed the tartan himself.  It is in some ways non-traditional, mainly because it isn't symmetrical.  I have never seen an asymmetrical tartan before, have you? 

It has been registered in Scotland but never woven until now.  Here is a photo of the first piece on the loom:

This piece is the test to be sure that the cloth looks as he wants it to look and if it is OK I can move on to the nine yard length.  He needs to send a piece to the registry to complete the file they have on this design.  He will see it for the first time this afternoon. 
I am undoubtedly prejudiced, but I think that the woven cloth looks so much more vibrant than the computer generated image.  Cloth vs paper? Cloth wins!

Back to it!

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Amanda Cutler said...

Very nice tartan!! I can't wait to hear how much he loves it!