Sunday, September 26, 2010


At last I have figured out why I seemed to be accessing--and sometimes posting--to two blogs.  There actually were two blogs.  Now there is only one, but I wanted to save one of the posts from the 'phantom' so it is out of chronological order and appears under today's date even though it was written on the 16th.

Now that I have recognized what I did it seems obvious, as these things that puzzle us always do.  Sorry for the confusion although it was mainly confusion on my part.

Now that is cleared up I can finally get to the loom!

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WEAVEblah said...

Hello, I hope this might help with the 'weblog' problem you have regarding a previous post cued with the current date.
Although you are using a new blogger design template, I'm sure this option is still available, as it is with my older blogger template.
Proceed as follows: Go to the option 'Edit posts' and once the page opens, tick the box for the specific post entry, then click the 'Edit' button for this post.
Check that it opens on the 'Compose' page (not 'Edit HTML').
On the bottom left side of the window, there should be the words 'Post Options'. Click it open, and look to the right side where you will find the words 'Post date and time'.
The options are 'Automatic' and 'Scheduled At'. Click on the latter option, then using the same form style, type in the date and time you wish to assign to the post.
Click on 'Publish Post', which will save it in its new postion. Check 'View Blog' to confirm.
Good luck.