Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday and balmy

It is Tuesday and we are still having high temperatures at 90 or above.  It is very dry and the nights are cool to almost chilly (50s) so the weather is holding.  Vegetables are still growing and each day I go out to the raised beds to see what is there for dinner.  Tonight it was Swiss chard.  It is lucky I like it so much because it is growing madly.

I work at the web site-to-be as well.  I will find out on Thursday evening what my instructor thinks and probably be blown away by what the other students have done, so we will see whether I like what I have so far as much on Friday morning as I do now.

Meanwhile I am weaving towels.  I still have two or three more to do having taken time for my check up and cleaning at the dentist, exercise time (two hours), and weeding the gardens.  I may cut the lawns, front and back, tomorrow before it is too hot and then shower and get back to the loom.  There is never a lack of things to do!
I think they look cheerful!

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