Saturday, December 18, 2010

Do you know what this means?

That's right:  you are looking at the empty sectional beam!!  All you can see are the extender cords I use so I can weave up to the end of the warp.  Tomorrow I will cut off the grill coth, inspect it, measure it, roll it up and put in a box to ship.

I finished weaving at about 3:30 and then walked to my warping board to start winding the warp for the scarf I must make, finish and deliver by Friday.  I will make it but it won't be easy.  I will post photos when there is something to see.

But in the meantime, a huge weight is lifted from me.  I need to wrap and ship gifts which will be sent via Priority Mail which will help the boxes get to their destinations in time.  No Christmas cards this year, alas, but something has to give because I am giving my all!

Tonight I went to a Christmas concert in which a friend was singing.  The Salt Lake Choral Artists performed wonderfully.  The major piece of the evening was Britten's Saint Nicholas Cantata which I had never heard before.  I loved it.   After the intermission there was a variety of pieces, some sung by the SLCA Young Choral Artists--children under age 12 (my best guess), Utah Premier Brass, the SLCA Women's Choir and the Salt Lake Choral Artists (=SLCA).  Everything was well done but for me the highlight of the evening was the Britten cantata.

One of the wonderful things about living in Salt Lake City is the wealth of music here.  I go to as much as I can afford.  Tonight's concert was a gift from Polly.  (Thanks, Polly!)

Now I need to get to bed because a large portion of tomorrow will be spent finishing up the grill cloth and working on the silk warp.

But for tonight I can rest easy.  Hooray!


Kathy said...

Wow, congratulations! What a load off that must be. I've been following your progress, without commenting, but couldn't resist today. Looking forward to your workshop at CNCH in May.

DebbieB said...

So happy for you! I remember you talking about this grill cloth on a WeaveCast awhile back, and it's great to see it all accomplished and ready to go. Hooray!

Sharon said...

The grill cloth I mentioned in the WeaveCast interview was done a long time ago. This was the SECOND time I wove it. (You'd think I have learned my lesson the first time, right?)

Jon Robert Howe said...

Sharon-- Hoorah! I was reviewing some of my own blog-work and I saw your most recent posts. Great work! Hope you're having a wonderful countdown to Christmas. Best always! Jon Howe