Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still hard at it!

I continue to weave on the endless warp.  You can see my progress:

You may have to look closely because each layer of cloth is pretty thin.  This is 20/2 cotton we're dealing with here....

There is one hitch, though.  This is all the weft yarn I have left:
How could this have happened?  I called the manufacturer from whom I had bought it and they are all out and won't have it back from the dyehouse for 2 or 3 weeks. (!)  So I started calling their retail sellers from whom it would be more expensive, of course.  I finally found some in Michigan (Great Northern) after striking out in Maine and Arizona.

Things seem to happen to me for a greater reason that I seldom recognize as they are occurring.  After a time it becomes clear why there have been obstacles of one kind or another.  I am hoping that I will learn what I need to from this long, trouble-filled warp.  And soon!


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