Thursday, December 23, 2010


The last thing I had promised to make for someone else (a commission) before Christmas is now finished.  Ta da!
This silk scarf is woven so that the darker silk is sometimes eclipsed by the silvery weft and sometimes is emphasized, depending on the weave structure in a particular place.  Now that the cabled fringes are all dry I can gift wrap it and deliver it.  I am relieved.

Speaking of eclipses, I didn't get to see the one on the Solstice because it was snowing here.  The huge storm that barreled across the Pacific from Hawaii and did such damage in S. California and S. Utah manifested itself here as snow turning to rain, eventually.  We had about 6--7 inches of snow on the ground on Tuesday at my house and now that all the rain has fallen--again, not nearly as much as in the afore-mentioned places--all the snow is gone.  Of course, snow is and has been falling in the mountains.  That is where we need it because our water supply for the entire summer and autumn comes from the snow that accumulates there.  In this desert we are always grateful for water.

I have enough warp left on the loom for one more scarf.  I will change the way I weave this one and perhaps use a different silk weft in weaving it.  I need to clean my house, though, so the second scarf will wait until that job is done.  I have been weaving under tremendous pressure for two solid months and not paying very much attention to anything else with predictable results.

So, what do I want for Christmas?  A quiet day listening to music and reading would be lovely.  May your wishes come true and 2011 be a better year for all of us--even if 2010 was super for you!

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Laura Fry said...

I love deadlines - especially when they have been met. :) Congrats on getting yours behind you. Wishing you a happy, peaceful holiday and new year.