Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New scarves

Tonight there are two freshly finished scarves.  The warp in both is a medium light blue violet and the wefts are blue green and a sky blue, respectively.  Oddly, they photographed as if they were black and white.  When it is daylight I will take new pictures to see if I can show their colors properly.  They, like all rayon chenille scarves, feel like a dry liquid.  Either one will suit my other coat--or the olive one, too, for that matter--and will probably go to the symphony this Saturday evening with me.  One will be sold.

In the meantime I have measured out the warp for two more scarves, these made of fine worsted wool.  This worsted isn't as fine as that in the double weave warp a week ago but still isn't very big.  The labels inside the cones say 2/18 and 2/16 although they look finer than that to me.  It doesn't matter that much because I have figured out how they need to be sett, measured out the length and number of threads I need and have it ready to beam tomorrow.

There will be some double weave in these, too, but not at all in the same way as the silver gray and light olive.  These are a deep blue and a deep blue violet.  You'll see!

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Maggie said...

I like the description, "like dry liquid." Very apt. I enjoy following your weaving, and your symphony reviews!