Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring will come

Of course we all know that spring will come no matter what, but with snow Saturday night and all day Sunday it doesn't seem as sure.  A friend wrote that she had mowed the lawn for the first time.  Mine is simply a memory, hidden by snow.

But, the winter aconites have come up and are blooming.  Of course they bloom almost as soon as they emerge from the ground and I did have to brush away the dead leaves that were the mulch over them but there they were!  And here they are:

Even on an overcast, dull day the brilliance of their yellow is instantly cheering.  I love their fringed green "collars".  They grow from very small, hard brown corms.  The emergence of such color from a drab, unpromising thing seems truly miraculous.

Meanwhile, the warp is off the loom.  The first scarf has double-faced twill borders at both ends and will make a tiny, rolled plain weave hem.  The second scarf was woven into a tube at both ends  so I can tuck the cut ends inside and sew it shut thus making the scarf double woven on all sides.  They haven't been hemmed and washed so the photo will have to appear later.

I am especially glad to see these yellow flowers because on Wednesday it will begin to snow and keep at it for four days.  I won't be mowing the lawn right away!


Alison said...

My Mum was once having a conversation with a friend, and they could not remember the other name for Wolfsbane. Later that day, the phone rang, and when Mum answered, a single word rang out, loud and clear. "Aconite!". It took her a moment to work out what was going on.

Oh- and my lawn is disappearing, too, but not under snow/ice. It's sinking into the mud.

Cally said...

I love the first flowers of spring! We do see a little of the aconite, but mainly in these parts it is the snowdrops which tell us we are on our way to the equinox.