Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wore my new scarf tonight

I wore the new scarf tonight with my olive coat and went to the Utah Symphony concert.  This is the second Saturday night in a row with a concert and there will be one next week, too.  I have tickets to four this month.  What riches!

Tonight's concert began with a Mozart overture (from the Abduction from the Seraglio) which was crisp and transparent and delightful.  It was followed by the Bartok Concerto No. 2 for Violin and orchestra.  Our soloist was Augustin Hadelich, who from my vantage point seemed to be a youngster (born in 1984, he is young) but played like an angel.  I don't know the Bartok well, having heard it only once before but I enjoyed it very, very much.  The audience applauded and applauded and young Mr. Hadelich returned and played Paganini's Caprice No. 24.  Everyone knows that piece and loves it.  The audience went wild.  I decided that if a butterfly could play the violin it would sound like that:  light, exact and yet fluid.  It's definitely a show-off sort of piece and he can show off for me any time!  I doubt that Paganini, himself, played it any better.

After the intermission the mood changed totally with no more fireworks but more contemplative pieces.  First there were three pieces, by Rachmaninov arranged by Resphigi, part of "five study tableaus" (my translation) which evoked scenes.  The first depicted a fair and was lively and light hearted.  The second depicted Red Riding Hood and the wolf.  It sounded to me as if the wolf got her at the end or perhaps he was grumbling that she got away.  The third part was the sea and the seagulls.  It certainly evoked the sea.  I liked all three pieces which were new to me. 

Finally, we heard Debussy's La Mer.  Debussy painted images for me.  I could "see" the movement of the water in all three movements.  The first was calm, the second more playful  and the last brought the wind into the picture with the sea and the wind in dialogue.

For someone who experiences colors when hearing music as I do, the second half of this concert was even more wonderful.

My scarf and I came home and I did the inital preparations for the pasty for the quiche I am taking to a potluck tomorrow at mid day.  It will be good and cold for me to roll out and pre-bake before filling the pastry shell for final baking in the morning.  (Chicken and broccoli and cheese--yummy.)

I am weaving a couple of chenille scarves.  I wanted one to wear with another coat and put on a blue-violet warp long enough for two only to discover that I don't have enough of that yarn to cross it with the same color.  No problem; I crossed the first one with a medium teal and have begun the second one with a sky blue.  The blend of colors is interesting and will also work for me.

Between pieces this evening I was thinking about using more of the very fine worsted wool for another scarf or perhaps a shawl.  I have a navy and a deep blue violet which I may use together.  I might put some double weave into the scarf or shawl but not in the same way as my new scarf.  In my mind's eye the result is beautiful.


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