Monday, June 6, 2011

Almost ready

I am almost ready for the show at the Phillips Gallery toward which I have been working for months!  I finished weaving the last piece yesterday late, wove in a rod and put a fabric glue around it to hold it in place and left it to dry over night.  This morning I cut off the piece I had woven and lashed the rod to the apron rod so I can continue to weave on this warp.

I took the newly woven piece to finish the raw edges, washed it vigorously and ironed it flat.  Now I have hemmed it and sewn on a label--the way I "sign" the pieces.  It is ready to take to the framer in the morning.  In the meantime I had six pieces to sew to their matts and have done that, too.  One of them, somewhere along the way looked as if it had become soiled so I re-washed it and ironed it before stitching it to the matt. 

Here are some of the pieces:
I call this one November Gold after the colors in the poplar family trees (aspens, cottonwoods, Lombardy poplars) at that time of year.  I have included the twig colors, too.

I call this one Sunlit Stones after the stones at the edge of the Colorado River down in the bottom of the Marble Canyon (just before the canyon opens into the Grand Canyon).  The false light flare is just visible in this photo above the center and a little to the right.

This is Thinking of Spring.

In the Pink, from the warp about the stones using just the pink colors in the weft.

Below: Just Peachy.  Same warp but none of the pinks used in the weft.

The darker colored one is Isn't it Rich? so named because of the rich colors and the application of 24 K gold leaf on the surface.

Considering how many hours go into each one, you have a lot of my life right here!

Yesterday I was walking and caught my toe under the slab of the sidewalk that I hadn't noticed was elevated about an inch and a half (by a tree root?) and fell hard, full length on the sidewalk.  Today both hands, wrists, my left shoulder and my knees--particularly the one that has been so painful for so long--are telling me all about it.  That should teach me not to look at the flowers when I am out walking....  But I am betting that I will continue to look!

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