Friday, June 17, 2011

The show opened tonight

Tonight was the opening of the show towards which I have worked for months.  It ran from six to nine and was well attended.  I sent out invitations to people I particularly hoped to see whom I thought were probably not on the gallery list and was very happy to see some of them there. 

Three hours is a long time to stand talking to people--although when I do that for a class the time just flies.  I wonder why there is such a difference....  I met a couple who have over the years purchased six pieces; tonight they added another one to their collection.  I had never met them before so it was a particular pleasure to do so tonight.  Two other pieces were sold yesterday so by the end of the evening there were three red dots.  It's a start.

Once I delivered the last piece for framing I dived into things that had suffered in my headlong push toward this show.  The next day I did four loads of laundry, for example.  All that for just one person.

I've had two injections in my right knee with the third one due next Wednesday morning.  They are still effective for me for which I am very grateful.  I lead a physically active life and have every intention of continuing to do so!  Major gardening is overdue and I am chipping away at that mammoth job.  I like gardening and because I deferred work in favor of weaving for this show, there was/is plenty to do. 

Today I cut big bouquets of huge, white peonies, another of Peace Roses and a third of Sheer Bliss roses.  The last variety is a  very pale pink with perfect form and heavenly fragrance.  Living with fresh flowers is a great pleasure to me!

Pictures of the newest warp will follow, but not tonight.

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