Saturday, June 4, 2011

Photos, at last

Here are the colors I am using in the newest warp.  This will be the final one for the show simply because I am running out of time.  These colors are what the group I assembled a long time ago and posted on March 16th (title "Whew!").  At that time I was thinking about the colors in a vineyard with just ripening red, red/purple grapes.  It never really came together for me as it was but I kept the box of spools and kept looking at them.  Finally I realized that it was the darkest colors that were putting me off so I starting sorting, re-sorting, arranging and re-arranging, editing, editing, and editing some more.
Finally, the colors you see above emerged.  It doesn't look so much like a vineyard now but is more the colors I see around me during spring here.  (And believe it or not, spring has finally arrived.  There was snow at the first of the week along with more rain, but today it is to be 80 degrees.) 

The lilies of the valley have finished but the phlox that was here when I bought my house over twenty years ago are in fragrant bloom.  The peonies that are usually blooming generously on Memorial Day are still in bud, ditto the Peace roses.  It's too early for any of the roses in my garden although I have seen a few in bloom around town.

I have begun to weave this new warp as you can see:
The colors look a little washed out here, but I think I like where this is going to go.  I need to get back to work on it now.

A little later I will photograph the pieces from the last series.  They are here with their matt boards so that I can sew their upper edges to it.  I use only acid-free, all rag matts for these pieces and conservation glass in their frames.  I have, in all, six pieces to stitch before Tuesday.  I learned long ago that the color of the matt board is critical and the choices I made seem to me to be just right.

Back to work!

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Judy said...

A lovely blending of soft colors!