Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finishing up a few things

Few feelings are as good as finishing up a project or, better still, two of them.

The towels you saw underway here are now cut from the loom, serged apart, hemmed and soaking overnight in hot water (plus Synthrapol) to prevent tracking.  I know, I know, some folks just love tracking but for these towels, I don't.  I want to see the color blends that happen when the colors are woven across each other and tracking is distracting.

Tomorrow when the water is cool--and it was in the mid-90s here today--I will machine wash them in hot water and a vigorous cycle and then iron them dry.  I will have a dozen plus a souvenir that will join my collection of woven samples.

But the bigger news is that I will have my new, vastly improved web site up and running very soon, probably tomorrow.  You can't imagine how wonderful that will be for me.  It has been embarrassing  even to mention my web site because it was so out of date.  I even took a class last fall to gain the skills to do it myself but all that came out of that was this blog.  I had hoped to learn to use Dreamweaver but that didn't really happen.

So what has changed?  When I taught at CNCH (Conference of Northern California Handweavers) in Sutter Creek, California one of the participants in my workshop was a woman who designs web sites.
Gayle Hulburt has been working with me since I finished all the work for my show and the web site is nearly ready to launch.  I am both relieved and delighted.

I hope you will visit it and let me know what you think!  (

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