Sunday, June 19, 2011

New cotton towels

The new towel warp is well under way.  I have begun the ninth one on this warp.  It is eleven yards twelve inches long so I ought to get a dozen from this warp.  I chose several reds because one of them is for a friend--belated birthday present--who loves red:
Two of the colorways are shown in this photo.
To the left the number of picks of red is the same as the number of ends of red.  To the right there are half as many picks as ends.  The large number of shuttle changes--no shuttle is used for as much as one inch--is large and slows progress but makes and interesting towel.

The towel to the left was cut off partway into the weaving.  I made a new-to-me error in routing the woven cloth through the loom to the cloth storage beam at the back near the floor.  There is a series of metal rollers that the cloth goes around and I had skipped one of them.  The loom works better when it is dressed properly--duh!--so I re-routed the apron and now everything is going smoothly.

I'd have thought I had over the years made all the mistakes possible but it seems I am endlessly inventive!



Laura Fry said...

Heh - I've done that too - it happens to all of us at one time or another I think! :)

Sharon said...

I have been weaving on one AVL or another since 1979 and this is the first time I routed the apron wrong. The question I have is: is this good news or am I losing it? (grin here)